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Pet Eye Infections

Many pets suffer from an eye infection at some point in their lives. Pets with large, bulging eyes like pugs or Chihuahuas are more prone to these infections because of how large their eyes are. Dr. Girgis and our team at Hollywood Cat and Dog Hospital of West Hollywood would like to look at what you need to know about pet eye infections.

Causes of Pet Eye Infections

There are about as many reasons for pet eye infections as there are types of pets. Infections can be caused by injuries, birth defects, allergens, tiny objects like hair, tumors, molds, bacteria, viruses, parasites, and many kinds of illnesses.

Signs of Eye Infections in Pets

Some of the warnings signs include pets rubbing their eyes and faces constantly. They squint or close their eyes. The eye area may appear swollen. The eye could be leaking fluid, like watery tears or thick, smelly discharge. The third eye, normally tucked away, becomes prominent. Pets may hide, lose their appetites, not want to play, and bite or scratch when you try to examine their faces.

Diagnosing Eye Infections in Pets

Since there are many causes of pet eye infections, your veterinarian or animal clinic may need to perform several tests to diagnose the cause. These tests include a hands-on exam, examination of the tears, corneal stain tests, and the use of ultrasound for the eyes.

Treating Eye Infections in Pets

Treatments vary, depending on the cause. Some pets may only need eye drops and pain medication. Others may need surgery.

Warning: Do Not Give Human Medication to Pets

Please do not give your pet any eye drops, painkillers or other medication meant for people. They will not work and can end up poisoning or even killing your pet. Only give medication prescribed by an animal clinic.

Do Eye Infections in Pets Go Away on Their Own?

Eye infections rarely get better on their own, usually because the source of the infection keeps on irritating the eye. These infections are extremely painful. This should be reason alone to bring your pet to your veterinarian’s office as soon as possible.

Contact Our Veterinarian in West Hollywood, CA

If you have questions about your pet’s eye infection or would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Girgis, call our team at Hollywood Cat and Dog Hospital today at (323) 469-3000 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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