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Pet Arthritis FAQs

Just like humans, many pets develop arthritis as they age. Thankfully, with proper care, you can limit your pet's pain and keep them mobile. Hollywood Cat and Dog Hospital is an animal clinic in West Hollywood, CA that regularly treats pets with arthritis. We have answers to some common questions we receive below.


What is pet arthritis?

Pet arthritis occurs when the cushioning tissue, called cartilage, in your pet's joints wears down over time, leaving their joints without protection. This can cause inflammation and symptoms like pain and stiffness. Although pets can develop arthritis in any joint, it's more likely to appear in highly mobile joints, like the legs and hips.

What are the symptoms of pet arthritis?

Pets may not show signs of arthritis in the early stages of the disease. As the symptoms progress and pain becomes more severe, you're more likely to see changes in your pet's movement and behavior. A pet with arthritis will be less active and may have unusual posture or show other signs of discomfort, such as limping. If you suspect your pet has arthritis, make an appointment with a veterinarian.

What causes arthritis in pets?

Wear and tear caused by aging is the most common cause of arthritis, but younger pets can develop arthritis as well. Pets with conditions that affect their joint development, such as dysplasia or luxating patellas, are significantly more likely to develop arthritis. Obesity and a history of injury also increase the risk of arthritis.

How can a veterinarian treat pet arthritis?

Although pet arthritis can't be cured, we offer a wide range of pet care services that can help you manage your pet's symptoms. After examining and diagnosing your pet, we'll work with you to create a treatment plan. We may recommend lifestyle changes, such as a change in diet and exercise. Other interventions, like joint supplements and medications, may be used as well.

How can I help my pet with arthritis?

As a pet owner, it can be difficult to see your pet suffer from arthritis symptoms. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your pet comfortable. Make sure that they have a padded bed to rest on. Cold weather can trigger joint pain, so give your pet blankets for warmth when temperatures drop.

Visit our Pet Hospital in West Hollywood, CA

Arthritis can be painful, which is why you shouldn't hesitate to bring your pet to our animal clinic if it's showing signs of arthritis. Hollywood Cat and Dog Hospital offers a range of pet care services and can diagnose and treat your pet. Call our team today at (323) 469-3000 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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